Zurvita, having only opened its doors to the public in 2008 is a relatively new company . The company itself was founded by Mark Jarvis. Jarvis is a 27 year old veteran of the network marketing industry. It is owned by Amacore Group – a publicly-traded entity. If you are wondering what Zurvita means then it is a latin name for “the risen life”

The company prides itself on the 3 core beliefs that Zurvita stands for:
1. Create a company that glorifies God
2. Create strong but humble leadership
3. Create an environment where people can win at every level

It provides a wide variety of services that are related to:

1. Protection Plan – Customers can have access to over 20,000 attorneys nationwide, starting from $19.95/month,

2. Online Advertising – Zurvita was able to absorb LocalAdLink, which was a struggling network marketing company, they are now able to sell LocalAdLink’s online advertising service.

3.Telecom Services – Zurvita sells three telecom-related services : VoIP service, video phones,cellular phone service.

4. Zurvita Health – This is a membership that customers can buy for $19.95 to $24.95 a month that combines benefits and services to meet some of the every day needs of health care.

5. Zurvita Care Saver And Virtual Mall – Customers can get personal discounts on restaurants, theaters, local retailers and a host of other places. With the Virtual Mall. customers can shop online and receive cash back.

Zurvita also provide an income opportunity to people looking to partner with it and become a reseller of their products.

Its Compensation plan is quite complex. It can be simplified into three categories: Immediate income, leadership bonuses and residual income. What’s good about the compensation plan is that there is a fair balance of upfront income and back-end income.

It is marketed as “Just visualize getting rewarded every time someone flips their lights on” . Sounds exciting but..

The company subscribes to “warm marketing”, which includes selling to friends and family members. It utilises the old school marketing techniques. This type of model is good if you want only 3-4 people in your downline and that too your relatives. Not good..Right? People don’t like having their relationships leveraged for financial gain.

Zurvita is a good company, and they have a viable business.They have experienced leaders running the company, quality products and a generous compensation plan. However, the key to success will be to switch to newer methods of marketing and to find a target audience for their product.

It involves a lot of research and trial-error procedure but if you get a good sponsor then Zurvita or in that case any MLM business will work for you. Good Luck !

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